FMI Prayer of the Day April 17

FMI Prayer of the Day: April 17 🙏🏽


Missionary Kids: Ask God to guard the hearts of missionary kids as their families give of themselves to serve the needs of others around the world.

Pray for: Kathleen and Zachary; David,
Charlie, Ransom and Glory Griffiths; Kaiki and Kainaru Oshiro; Evana, Alex, and Elena Scott; Isabelle, Joshua, Juliet and Evan B.; Matthias and Misael Hernandez; Corban, Solomon, Perry and David Preston

Tim and Kristina O'TooleNote this week’s background picture is courtesy of Tim & Kristina O’Toole- missionaries to Ireland with Foursquare Missions International –

You can learn more about them here: and you can follow them on facebook here: