FMI Prayer of the Day February 6

FMI Prayer of the Day: February 6 🙏🏽


Missionary Kids: Children of our missionaries often face the enemy’s attacks.

Pray for these missionary kids: Atlee, Asher and Lars Mayer; Kaela, Caeden and Connor Cecil; Abigail, Izabel and Jak Vernon; Emma, Elena and Elijah Mielonen; Eva, Oliver and Eleonora Mason; Ayden Malloy; Kylie, Madeline and Audrey Edwards; Noah, Nehemiah and Nirel Doromal; Davi and Gabriel C.; Estella, Caleb and Daniel Boling; Etni, Jeziel, Mikaela and Eliana Arreola.

Reid and Kim Crow - missionaries JamaicaNote this week’s background picture is courtesy of Reid and Kim Crow – missionaries to Jamaica with Foursquare Missions International –

You can learn more about them here: you can follow them on facebook here: