FMI Prayer of the Day March 11

FMI Prayer of the Day: March 11 🙏🏽


Foursquare pastors, leaders, and workers are involved in intentional continuing education
programs throughout Latin America bringing focus, vision, and wisdom to healthy leaders.

Pray for: Ami and Gerson Gutierrez (Belize);
Jim and C’Cie Birch (Peru);
Lee and Lisa Schnabel (Latin America);
Pablo and Alma Peña,
Jared and Kelly Mueller (El Salvador);
Josiah and Cynthia Hubbard,
Bill and Debbie Boling, Bethany Yeager,
Joshua and Diana Boling (Costa Rica);
Aaron and Francis Hunter (Colombia);
Cesar and Leslie Hernandez (Chile)

Gary and Brenda Kean courtesy of:
Missionaries Garry and Brenda Kean
They serve the Lord in Nairobi, Kenya.

Learn more about them: