Kids Sermon 8-2-20

“I Believe God Does Miracles!”

Power Verse:
“Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles he
performs for people.” - Psalm 66:5


Take some time at the beginning of the devotion to review what has happened so far on Elijah’s “roller coaster” and re-read this weeks
passage found in 1 Kings 17: 17-24.

Ask your children:
- Why was the widow in this story so sad?
- What amazing thing did God for her?
- How do you think she felt after God did that?

SAY: Did you know God still performs miracles? Some people think God
can’t do the impossible, but we know that God is still doing miracles in
our world today!

Discuss some of the miracles that you, family, or friends have experienced.
- Do you remember when ___________ was sick and God healed
- Do you remember when we had this _____________ storm
and God protected us?
- Do you remember when God did______________?

SAY: It’s important that we never forgot God can still do miracles!!!

- What miracles do you need God to do in your life?
- What miracles do you need God to do in your friends’ lives?
- What should we do when we want God to do a miracle for us?

Take time at the end of the devotion to pray for each miracle you need God to do. If possible, take time to write these needs down
somewhere that you can post them as a reminder of things you need God to do and things to pray for.

Use a poster board to create two lists. On the left side label at the top “Things We Need God to Do” on the right side label at the top
“Miracles God has Done.” Use sticky notes to write every prayer request on. As you put each sticky not under the left column decide as a family to keep records of what God is doing by moving the sticky note to the right side when God answers each prayer!

Watch and see how God responds to every prayer!