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October 22, 2018

FMI Prayer Day October 22

EUROPE (MONDAY) Nordic Region: God is using Foursquare workers to establish new congregations with a vision to reach people with limited exposure to the truth of the gospel. Pray for: Our recently planted churches in Helsinki, Finland (Aki & Holly Gibson), Malmö, Sweden (Maria Sereti) and Haapsalu, Estonia (John & Annelli Kelly). Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

October 21, 2018

FMI Prayer Day October 21

SOUTH ASIA (SUNDAY) Nepal: Please pray for complete wholeness (shalom) for those serving in Nepal who are under incredible pressures both natural and spiritual. Pray for: Workers who cannot be name due to security risk and need the presence and power of God for the daily work they do and the lives they lead. Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

October 20, 2018

FMI Prayer Day October 20

CENTRAL AMERICA (SATURDAY) This month, please remember in prayer the entire Latin America region, for young disciples, healthy leaders, and strong churches that impact their communities with the gospel. Pray for: Aaron and Francis Hunter (Colombia); Cesar and Leslie Hernandez (Chile); Lee and Robyn Brockinton (in transition); Pablo and Alma Peña, Jared and Kelly Mueller (El […]

October 19, 2018

FMI Prayer Day October 19

CARIBBEAN (FRIDAY) St. Lucia: Ask the Lord for a special blessing, strength, and encouragement on leaders of this new work as they gather for their first annual convention October 19-21. Pray for: Jacque Antoine (Grenada); John and Debbie Booker (St. Lucia); Reid and Kim Crow (Jamaica); Dave and Nancy Stone (Caribbean) Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

October 18, 2018

FMI Prayer Day October 18

NORTH ASIA (THURSDAY) Ask God for peace on the Korean Peninsula with restoration of the North, the Peacemaker Prayer Center on Ganghwa Island, and ministers and workers who serve the Lord in the region. Pray for: Jim and Kathy Shiflett (Hong Kong); Renee Williams, Michael and Michiyo Williams, Cary and Chisako Oshiro, Annette Kiyuna, and Steve […]

October 17, 2018

FMI Prayer Day October 17

SOUTH ASIA (WEDNESDAY) Bangladesh: The founding national leader of The Foursquare Church in Bangladesh will transition out of the role soon. Pray for: A fresh move of God’s Spirit in the ministry and on the new national team as they begin to lead the Church in this Muslim-majority nation. Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

October 16, 2018

FMI Prayer Day October 16

EUROPE (TUESDAY) Zimbabwe: Missionaries Chris and Laura Dakas ask for prayer for the staff of the Stephen Center in Tirana – that people in the city will have open hearts to the message of salvation. Agree also with Sean and Vita Mason in Korca for a worker to serve at an indoor rock climbing gym […]

October 15, 2018

FMI Prayer Day October 15

SOUTHERN AFRICA (MONDAY) Zimbabwe: The Foursquare Church in Zimbabwe is developing ministry leaders to expand the harvest in the nation; believe God for missionaries, church planters, and pastor trainers to serve in the harvest here. Pray for: Garry and Brenda Kean (Kenya); Wade and Bea Preston (Cote d’Ivoire); Karen Grubbs (in transition); Frank and Kathleen Greer (East […]

October 13, 2018

FMI Prayer Day October 14

WORLDWIDE (SUNDAY) As workers reach out to the unreached, pray that the Holy Spirit will demonstrate the truth of God’s Word with signs and wonders throughout the world. Pray for: John and Dorene Amstutz and John and Bonnie Watson (FMI Consultants); George and Nancy Cline, Fred and Carol Dawson, Ken Wold and Mason Hughes (FMI Representatives); […]

October 13, 2018

FMI Prayer Day October 13

MENACA (MIDDLE EAST, NORTH AFRICA, CENTRAL ASIA) (SATURDAY) Pray for a group of women traveling this month to an unreached nation and staying in the homes of local families that are not believers. Pray for: An impact on local hosts as the light of Jesus shines through these women. Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

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