Where is God in all of this?

These are times unlike we have ever experienced. How do we as Christians address the issues of today?
Take some time this morning to be encouraged from Pastor David Giles! Enjoy the message!

Here are study questions for you to consider alone or discuss with your family:

  1. Have you or your family members experienced worry or fear in the past couple of weeks?
  2. How has this change in culture has impacted you and your family over the past few weeks?
  3. What does it mean to you that God says He will be with you and He will go before you?
  4. How can you and your family be intentional about worshipping God in this season when we are not meeting together in church?
  5. It’s easy to prepare practically for this season (purchase food, wash hands, etc), but how do you prepare spiritually as the weeks continue?
  6. Where is your heart in this? Are you adding to the fear of those around you or are you bringing courage and strength?
  7. Do you know someone who is very afraid now (outside your family)? How can you minister to them?